A+ College Bound Consulting does not guarantee admission to any individual college or program.
Due to a conflict of interest, we will not be able to serve San Luis Obispo High School students.

Hourly Sessions

individual private counseling Sessions

  • Limited to 4 sessions or 10 hours maximum
  • One hour minimum for each session
  • Does not include access to the student/consultant online portal system
  • See list of services in value package drop down menu
  1. Interviews with the parent(s) and student to thoroughly evaluate the students needs and develop a custom strategy
  2. Student assessments of strengths, interest, and college major exploration
  3. Professional evaluation of all academic records-transcripts and test scores
  4. Academic planning and advising for high school courses
    • Including community college opportunities
  5. Access to student portal system for ongoing access to consultant (not available for hourly rate)
  6. Develop and edit resumes
  7. Create a plan to organize & request letters of recommendation
  8. Research to develop a realistic list of colleges
  9. Brainstorm essay and personal insight question topics
    • Review of essays, providing constructive advise for revision
  10. Provide information for summer opportunities
    • Explore job shadow, volunteer work, extracurricular opportunities
  11. Provide guidance with college applications – College Application Boot Camp (minimum 4 hours)
    • Common Application
    • UC Application
    • CSU Apply
    • Coalition Application
  12. Develop College Entrance Testing schedule (SAT/ACT)
    • Assistance with signing up for those tests, if needed
    • Referral to SAT/ACT test prep programs
  13. Provide information about Financial Aid
    • Basic questions can be answered and we can help get the process started
  14. Prepare students for college interview process
  15. Assist with scholarship searches and provide helpful links

Value Packages

Entire 12th grade

Individual consulting

11th-12th grade

Individual consulting​

10th-12th grade

Individual consulting​

9th-12th grade

Individual consulting​

Kick Start - 8th-9th grade

Does not include College Application Boot Camp

College Application Bootcamp

Bootcamp is a minimum of 4 hours

designed to complete up to 10 college applications